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A Thorough Cleaning Service with Professional Equipment

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Whether you've just had a spill, are coming to the end of your tenancy, or simply want to improve the décor, having your carpets professionally cleaned is an excellent way of refreshing and enhancing your home or office.

davidgreencleaning are specialists in the Hot Water Extension (HWE) method, commonly known as 'steam cleaning', which is the most thorough way to give your carpet a deep clean.  A positive side-effect of this method is that it often refreshes the original colour of the carpet, enhancing its appearance.

Using the most up to date cleaning solutions and machinery means that carpets are usually dry within 4-6 hours.

We also offer a specialist carpet dry-cleaning service for those carpets which are water sensitive.


Please feel free to contact us for further advice and a quotation.

01473 212954

07889 658250

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